Validating a new measure of wider quality of life (EQ-HWB (Health and Wellbeing)  and exploring the differences and relationships with existing health outcome (EQ-5D-5L), social care (ASCOT) and capability (ICECAP) measures

Project theme: Outcomes measurement

Different outcome measures capture different benefits and are often used to measure benefit for different interventions or populations. For example, the EQ-5D-5L asks respondents to indicate their health status, ASCOT measures social-care related quality of life, and ICECAP measures capability.

A new measure, intended for use across both health and social care, is in development by members of the EEPRU team. This new measure (E-QALY) is a measure of quality of life generated using aspects of life that patients, social care users and carers think are important to them and are impacted by their health condition, the care or treatment they receive or their caring role.

The development is jointly MRC and EuroQol funded, and NICE is a research partner. The new E-QALY measure will not have been validated or assessed for reliability or responsiveness to change. The aim of this project is to provide evidence around the E-QALY in terms of its psychometric properties, comparison to other measures and conversion between measures.

Project team 

Clara Mukuria, Anju Keetharuth, John Brazier, Monica Hernandez, Helen Weatherly


Clara Mukuria