Estimating the Shares of the Value of Branded Pharmaceuticals Accruing to Manufacturers and to the NHS 

Project theme: Applied economic evaluation and policy analysis

There has been extensive debate internationally over many years about appropriate methods to determine what the NHS and other health systems should pay for new branded pharmaceuticals.  In particular, the use of cost-effectiveness analysis to guide decisions and funding has been criticised as ignoring dynamic efficiency.  However, such analyses have often neglected the opportunity costs imposed by decisions to devote additional funding to branded pharmaceuticals, raising questions about when, how and to what degree health systems actually derive benefit for their populations from branded products.


Based on available evidence and current approaches to determining funding decisions for branded products in the NHS, to estimate the average share of a product’s value that accrues to manufacturers compared to the share to the NHS in terms of gains in population health.

Project Team

Beth Woods, Aimee Fox, Mark Sculpher,  Karl Claxton


Karl Claxton


Woods, B., Fox, A., Sculpher, M., & Claxton, K. (2021). Estimating the shares of the value of branded pharmaceuticals accruing to manufacturers and to patients served by health systems. Health Economics, 1– 18.