Economic analysis to support NHS decisions relating to the use of the Galleri test in a screening population 

Project theme: Applied economic evaluation and policy analysis

The agreement between NHSE and Grail regarding an assessment of the clinical and economic performance of the Galleri cancer test stipulates that an independent group of health economists will be appointed as part of that assessment.  This group will engage with a programme of research and analysis activities to ensure that NHSE has robust economic evidence available when the results from the ‘screening trial’ (GRAIL-009) are available to inform funding decisions. 

This template defines a set of activities for Phase 1 of the research.  This initial phase of work will be undertaken to review the evidence sources currently available, to identify potential evidence gaps and key methodological uncertainties, and to propose a set of research activities to address these issues in Phase 2 of the programme.


Project Team

Stephen Palmer, Marta Soares, Rita Faria, Mark Sculpher and Sophie Whyte


Stephen Palmer