Empirical and conceptual work relating to medicines pricing

Previous EEPRU research has developed a framework to assess the long-term implications of NHS payment levels for new pharmaceuticals, taking into account how these payments influence manufacturers’ decisions about future research and development (R&D). In this theme of work for the new EEPRU programme, we further develop this framework to assess different approaches to address the benefits of NHS payments for pharmaceuticals to the health systems in other countries.  The research will also seek to incorporate the role of public sector investment contributions to R&D and therefore future innovation.  It will also address gaps in the evidence on how NHS payments impact innovation.  The theme will also look carefully at the markets for generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals to inform policies to improve the functioning of these markets.

Project 1: The effect of payment for new pharmaceuticals on innovation 

Project 2: Estimating variation in the post-patent value of new medicines