Assessing the value of novel antimicrobials under new payment models

Project theme: Applied economic evaluation and policy analysis

This work follows on from a major study undertaken by EEPRU under the 2011-18 contract (see report below), where a framework was developed to assess the value of innovative antimicrobials under novel payment arrangements being developed by the NHS.

During 2021-22 we used the framework to evaluate the benefits and cost-effectiveness of two specific antimicrobials as part of a NICE assessment and appraisal process, which culminated in recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and commercial payment arrangements between the respective manufacturers and NHSE&I.


To work closely with NICE, NHSE&I and DHSC to identify methods research questions relating to the evaluation of innovative antimicrobials and address priority questions.

To apply the recently-developed evaluation framework to two specific antimicrobials as part of a NICE assessment and appraisal process.

Project team

Mark Sculpher, Beth Woods, Laetitia Schmitt, Claire Rothery, Dina Jankovic, Laura Bojke, Sue Harnan, Ben Kearns and Ruth Wong


Mark Sculpher


Rothery, C., Woods, B., Schmitt, L., Claxton, K., Palmer, S., Sculpher, M. (2018) Framework for value assessment of new antimicrobials. Implications of alternative funding arrangements for NICE Appraisal (PDF, 4MB). Policy Research Unit in Economic Evaluation of Health and Care Interventions. Universities of Sheffield and York. EEPRU Research Report 059.